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About Dirk Henrik Tschauder – Practice Philosophy

Dirk Henrik Tschauder (MD) offers individual beauty and well-aging concepts, which are based on non-invasive, purely natural, and bio-compatible methods. Privacy and discretion in an exclusive ambiance are guaranteed in his private practice. Appointments are available according to your individual requirements.

The following gives a brief summary of his professional career: Following his basic education in Essen, and medical school in Düsseldorf, Essen, and Munich, Dirk Henrik Tschauder (MD) obtained his licence to practice medicine in 1988 from the Bavarian State Ministry of the Interior. In 1990, he earned a doctorate as medical doctor (MD) from Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich (LMU). After several years of surgical training and training in the fields of internal intensive care in several university teaching hospitals in the Munich area he opened his private practice in Munich.

At the beginning of his private practice, Dirk Henrik Tschauder (MD) focussed on diagnosis and therapy options for general and sports medicine. In the past 10 years, he has turned more and more towards healing methods from complimentary and Far Eastern medicine as well as conservative medical aesthetics.

Until today, he attaches great importance to constant advanced training besides his dedicated practice work. Therefore, he regularly participates in national and international seminars and congresses. In the course of his 18 years of practice as a medical doctor in hospitals and his private practice, Dirk Henrik Tschauder (MD) earned the following additional qualifications alongside his title as Medical Practitioner and his profound specialisation in the field of Aesthetic Medicine: Sports Medic, Specialised Nutritionist (DAEM/DGEM), Naturopath, Acupuncturist, and “Health Economist (focussing on medical practice and clinic management) “.

Based on his intense training activities mainly in Scandinavia Dirk Henrik Tschauder (MD) received the relevant country-specific authorisations to practice medicine in Norway (2004, Oslo) and Sweden (2006, Stockholm).

He travels to Scandinavia on a regular basis as coach and speaker for “Natural and Conservative Aesthetical Medicine“, and keeps close contact to a variety of local specialist clinics and institutes as well as many loyal clients.

Since many years, Dirk Henrik Tschauder (MD) has been following the path of profound specialisation in the field of non-invasive, i.e. conservative aesthetic and cosmetic medicine, and the healthy prevention-oriented well-ageing concept. In this context, he has been trained by renowned national and international experts.

Based on a profound acupuncture training where he earned the diplomas “A” and “B”, Dirk Henrik Tschauder (MD) continued his training as student of Radha Thambirajah (MD) in the fields of “cosmetic acupuncture“ and “acupuncture in dermatology”. Radha Thambirajah (MD) is head of the clinic for Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Birmingham, UK, and has been one of the most well-known and renowned masters of acupuncture for over 30 years.

Many years before mesotherapy started to boom in Germany, Dirk Henrik Tschauder (MD) discovered the enormous potential of this conservative treatment method, which has its origin in France, for his patients. He joined the German Society for Mesotherapy and studied in particular aesthetical mesotherapy techniques and the so-called “mesoglow/mesolift” for natural skin rejuvenation and face-lifting with Britta Knoll (MD), President of the German Society for Mesotherapy.

His activities as a medical doctor focus on the synthesis of a healthy lifestyle, natural beauty, and noticeable well-being and have become his passion for his work.

He wants to be a professional partner and companion for his patients on their path to a healthy balance between a juvenescent appearance and inner vitality.

Signs of normal or premature skin ageing as well as burn-out symptoms are corrected with tailor-made natural and holistic treatment concepts.


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